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Our staff care

The Home is generously staffed to ensure that the residents receive the very best care possible. Nurses and Carers are on hand 24 hours a day. Staff include the information gathered from the medical history and the life history of the resident to ensure all-round, holistic care. The Care Team aren’t working to a timetable, they work alongside the residents at their pace, to promote independence and dignity.

Feeling at home

Every aspect of the Homes’ designs were considered from the residents’ perspective to offer independence, dignity and choice. The environment is homely and informal, supporting choice and independence with spacious lounges where residents can choose to join a wide selection of activities or socialise. Wheelchair-friendly hallways and well thought-out nooks, comfortably furnished with cushions and lamps, create space where residents can chat with visitors or read.

Meeting your needs

Each spacious en-suite bed-sitting room is fully equipped to meet the nursing care needs of the resident, with tracked ceiling hoists and specialist mattresses, wheelchairs and cushions to enable independence, comfort and mobility.

In-house therapies

Incorporated in each resident’s ongoing personal care plan are in-house therapies, such as physiotherapy and speech & language therapy, to address mobility needs and communication and eating difficulties. This supports residents in enjoying a full life in our Homes.

Active lives

Each resident is welcomed as a family member. Staff support residents to live as they wish, whether joining an activity, welcoming visitors, enjoying quiet time, or going on an outing. They recognise that having a sense of purpose is vital to a person’s wellbeing and understand how they can help each individual, ensuring that everyone feels valued. Old hobbies are rekindled and new skills and activities are supported.

Sharing mealtimes

Residents are welcomed into the spacious dining rooms to share their mealtimes with their fellow veterans. Staff are there to help make meals pleasurable. The food meets the diverse needs of residents, providing a choice of tasty menus and adapted diets for people with special requirements. Visitors are always welcome and can join their loved ones for mealtimes or an outing.

Military connection

To many of our veteran residents, maintaining a link to the military is hugely important in supporting their sense of personal history and self-esteem. We have close ties with many military organisations and encourage visits and events to keep the bonds strong.

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