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Our Care Team works closely with relatives to understand how they can best support each person to live a full life. Staff treat people as they would wish to be treated themselves, with compassion and friendship.

Feeling valued

Our Care Team supports residents with care that is tailored to their individual needs, wishes and abilities. Staff recognise that having a sense of purpose is vital to a person’s well-being, so residents are invited to help with homely tasks like washing-up or peeling vegetables if they wish. Staff understand how they can support each individual, ensuring everyone feels valued.


Each member of the Care Team takes the time to be with a resident in their space and at their pace, whether chatting over a cuppa or strolling in the garden. Staff listen and support, sharing the moment with compassion. They might give a hand massage or use lighting and music for a calming atmosphere and simply ‘be’. They have created a Home that is infused with laughter, warmth and love.

Home from home

The specially designed Home is bright, homely and informal, overseen by a Homemaker who fine-tunes it daily to ensure it is stimulating and comfortable. The Care Team wear their own colourful clothes or regularly ‘dress up’ in costumes making special moments to promote fun and engagement.

Eating together

Meals and snack times are shared social events where staff eat food alongside the residents, who can taste the dishes to decide what they would like to eat. Glass-fronted fridges in the hallways are filled with snacks to stimulate appetites and there is a vintage sweet shop where residents can help themselves.

Military connection

To many of our veteran residents, maintaining a link to the military is hugely important in supporting their sense of personal history and self-esteem. We have close ties with many military organisations and encourage visits and train military nurses to keep the bonds strong. For people living with dementia, such relationships are reassuring in their increasingly uncertain world.

You won’t believe the peace of mind I have knowing Mum is at Royal Star & Garter. For us it’s so wonderful to know how well she’s being looked after.
Charles, Joan’s Son

Quality care

Both the Solihull and Surbiton Homes have been rated Level 1 ‘The Butterfly Household Model of Care Accreditation Award’ by Dementia Care Matters. This indicates that a Home is demonstrating ‘exceptional person-centred dementia care of the highest quality of life level’. Only one per cent of care homes within the UK achieve a Level 1 distinction.

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