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Day Care boost for veterans and partners living with disability or dementia

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Day Care aims to tackle loneliness and isolation in the Armed Forces Community

A charity has relaunched its popular Day Care service to support veterans.


Royal Star & Garter resumed the sessions from its High Wycombe and Solihull Homes in January and February respectively. Day Care will also launch from Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton for the first time later this year.


Day Care sessions will run from the charity’s Solihull, Surbiton and High Wycombe Homes several days a week, and will include dedicated days for people living with early-stage dementia.

People using Day Care enjoy delicious meals, like this being served to Royal Star & Garter residents Pam and Ken

Day Care was a popular and well-attended service at the Solihull and High Wycombe Homes, before it was paused by the pandemic. Lockdown also meant plans for its launch at Surbiton were put on hold.


Royal Star & Garter provides loving, compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia. The resumption of Day Care is the latest move by the charity to increase the number of veterans it helps. Lunch Clubs and a Telephone Friendship Service were launched in 2023 to help combat loneliness and isolation in the Armed Forces community.


Day Care will support veterans and their partners who live with disability or dementia but are not in need of full-time residential care. Furthermore, it will offer valuable respite to their carers, who are often older people themselves.

Betty and Pat, who are using the relaunched Day Care service in Solihull, get to know each other

As well as tackling social isolation which can be a significant issue amongst the veteran population, it will also promote wellbeing by providing home-cooked food, activities and structure to the week.


People who use the new Day Care service will be kept busy, joining permanent residents in activities including quizzes, outings, entertainment, art therapy, and movement to music. Emphasis will be placed on rekindling memories and creating connections, including making new friends over delicious and healthy meals.


Day Care was initially launched at the Solihull Home in 2017, and at High Wycombe in 2019. Guests and their relatives were full of praise, saying it led to increased confidence and opportunities to be more independent.

Day Care users Brenda and Betty (left) take part in a Movement to Music class with Royal Star & Garter residents

‘I missed Day Care and I’m very glad it’s back’


Pat served in the Women’s Royal Army Corps, and enjoyed using Solihull’s Day Care before the pandemic. She said: “I loved going to Day Care. It was good fun and I made a lot of friends. I went on outings, took part in activities and the lunch was very nice. There was so much going on, I was never bored. I’m delighted it’s returned, I missed it and I’m very glad it’s back.”


‘We’re thrilled that Day Care has returned’


Royal Star & Garter’s Director of Care & Wellbeing, Shirley Hall, said: “Day Care was extremely popular when it ran before the pandemic, and we know from feedback how important it is for the people that use it, as well as the respite benefit it brings their carers. So we’re thrilled that Day Care has returned. It further illustrates our commitment to increase the help and support we can provide to the Armed Forces community.”

People attending Day Care sessions will be able to take part in a range of Royal Star & Garter activities

More information about Royal Star & Garter Day Care sessions can be found here:


For specific High Wycombe Royal Star & Garter enquiries, including Day Care, email or call 01494 927 555.


For specific Solihull Royal Star & Garter enquiries, including Day Care, email or call 0121 711 6330.


Day Care will launch from Surbiton later this year. For specific Surbiton Home enquiries, including Day Care, email or call 020 8339 5100.


Royal Star & Garter is welcoming new residents in each of its three Homes. For more information on this, or to work for the charity, go to

Solihull Home Manager Jamie Stubbs with Day Care coordinators Rafa and Mary, with Betty, Brenda and Pat, who are using the service
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