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In 1942, at the age of 17, Amy was given permission to join the WAAF. She trained as a barrage balloon operator. These were huge explosive balloons that forced enemy bombers to fly at higher altitude, making them less accurate when bombs were dropped, and forcing them into range of anti-aircraft guns.

Amy then went to work as a plotter. She was there during the Normandy D-Day landings and later on as Allied countries continued to gain the ascendancy over the enemy.

Amy was demobbed in 1945, shortly after WWII finished. By then she was already married to Ted, who she had met during the war.

After Ted’s death, Amy suffered a stroke which left her with mobility issues. “I can’t use my right leg any more,” she said. “My daughter got a place at Royal Star & Garter for me, because I’m ex-service. I think it’s extraordinary the way they look after you and I’m very happy here. You couldn’t better it. The staff are good, and they look after me.”

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