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We’ve listed the terms and conditions below to ensure you are clear on our offer. If there are any points you would like to check please do get in touch.

Terms & conditions


  1. A discount of 30% will be applied to the self-funding nursing care fee for a period of 2 weeks for anyone booking a short break nursing care stay which lasts for 2 weeks or more at the Royal Star & Garter Surbiton Home and where their stay takes place up to 31 January 2024. If a short break stay continues past 31 January 2024, then the 30% discounted rate finishes on 31 January 2024 (or after 2 weeks if earlier).
  2. This offer will apply to nursing care only as we do not offer short breaks for those living with dementia.
  3. This offer may only be used on one occasion for a short break in the period to 31 January 2024.
  4. The offer applies to new self-funding residents only. It does not apply to existing residents or to Local authority or NHS funded continuing care applicants.
  5. When the booking is made, the advance payment will be the amount quoted in the offer letter which includes the discount.
  6. We apply an increase in our care fees from 1 January each year. The fee increase from 1 January 2024 will be applied to the undiscounted care fee rate with a maximum increase of 1.2 times the increase in CPI inflation for September 2023. If the discount applies to a resident after 1 January 2024, then it will be applied to the new fee rate for the period of the discounted offer.
  7. The offer is only available for individuals who meet our Service, financial and care requirements.
  8. The offer is only available where we have vacant rooms.
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