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Veterans mark St David’s Day with daffodils, traditional food and poetry

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Ena picking daffodils in the High Wycombe Home’s gardens

St David’s Day has been marked at Royal Star & Garter’s three Homes.


Arts and crafts, daffodil flower-arranging, quizzes and poetry readings were part of the series of activities arranged at the Homes in Solihull, Surbiton and High Wycombe, to celebrate the Patron Saint of Wales on Monday, 1 March.


Royal Star & Garter provides loving, compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia. It celebrates cultural days throughout the calendar as part of a busy schedule of daily activities, which keep residents mentally and physically active.

Welsh cakes, red dragons and daffodils helped Surbiton veterans celebrate St David’s Day

In High Wycombe, residents picked daffodils in the Home’s luxurious gardens, which they later arranged. There was also arts and poetry readings.


Veterans in Surbiton tucked into Welsh cakes, took part in quizzes and also read poetry.


Solihull residents enjoyed craft activities and quizzes, and watched footage of the Welsh National Opera.

There were arts and crafts at the Solihull Home to mark St David’s Day

All three Homes also put on a delicious St David’s Day lunch, with food on the menu including a leg of Welsh lamb, Glamorgan sausages, cawl, leek and chicken pie, minted lamb chops, leek soup, traditional Welsh pancakes and Snowdon pudding.


High Wycombe resident Ena, 102, from the High Wycombe Home, said: “It was nice being out in the sunshine, feeling its warmth on my face, and picking daffodils. We had a fun and busy day to celebrate St David’s Day.”


The charity is welcoming new residents to all of its Homes. For more information on this, and life in the Homes, please visit:

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