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High Wycombe

High Wycombe pupils clean up river for local community


The Royal Star & Garter Homes recently supported a project to clean up the river running through the Hughenden Quarter, the site of the Charity’s new Home which will care for disabled veterans. The clean-up was organised by Young Roots Project, run by the Chiltern Rangers, whose mission is to enhance local habitats through conservation, education and community engagement. Sixty students from Juniper Hill School got involved to help turn the area into a miniature nature reserve.


Kevin Rudge, Community Coordinator for the High Wycombe Home, was on-site to assist with the clean-up. He commented,The day went really. The children really enjoyed themselves and were so enthusiastic despite the bad weather. It was lovely to see.”


The young people were divided into three teams: one team cleaned the river, another built bird boxes and the third created artwork which was installed along the Home’s perimeter fencing. Items found in the river included an old video camera, a shopping trolley, heavy pieces of electrical equipment plus many empty glass bottles and cans. Enough rubbish to fill 16 refuge sacks was pulled from the river. The bird boxes were placed at various key locations in the local vicinity.


When asked how he felt his efforts would improve the local area, Year Six pupil Tom commented, “A better habitat for the animals and a better view for the veterans of The Royal Star & Garter Homes!”


Ranger Paul New commented, “I am very grateful for the extra funding and support from The Royal Star & Garter Homes and Chilterns Conservation Board that made this conservation village possible. The 60 Year Six children from Juniper Hill School were fantastic and we at Chiltern Rangers hope that this will lead on to a partnership to make the Hughenden Quarter riverside into a community nature reserve.”


The new Royal Star & Garter Home in High Wycombe will open in Spring 2018 and will provide care for veterans and their spouses who live with disability or dementia.