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Royal Star & Garter and Florence Nightingale Foundation to collaborate over social care nursing

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Professor Greta Westwood CBE, the Chief Executive Officer at Florence Nightingale Foundation, with Royal Star & Garter’s Head of Care Quality Walter Chikanya, during her visit to the charity’s care home in Surbiton

The head of Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) has visited Royal Star & Garter to discuss training the next generation of nurses.


FNF’s Chief Executive Officer, Professor Greta Westwood CBE, came to Royal Star & Garter in Surbiton to meet its Chief Executive Andy Cole, Head of Care Quality Walter Chikanya, and Home Manager Helena Maher. She was also given a tour of the award-winning care home.


Royal Star & Garter provides loving, compassionate care to veterans and their partners living with disability or dementia. The charity also has Homes in Solihull and High Wycombe, and services reaching out into the community. FNF is also a charity, and supports nurses and midwives to improve care and save lives.


During the visit, Professor Westwood, Andy and Walter discussed ways in which the FNF can work together with Royal Star & Garter to collaborate on the development of new leadership programmes for nurses in social care.


‘Proud and excited to be exploring ways in which we can improve the provisions for nurses in our sector’


Walter, who himself recently graduated from an FNF leadership programme for Chairs of Social Care Nursing Advisory Councils (SCNACS), said: “We’re very proud and excited to be exploring, with the Florence Nightingale Foundation, ways in which we can improve the provisions for nurses in our sector. It was an honour to welcome Greta to the Home and initiate these discussions.”


Professor Westwood said it was an “absolute privilege” to visit Royal Star & Garter. She said: “My goodness, the place is wonderful. As soon as you step foot in the door you get the sense that this is where you’d like your mother or father to spend their final years. I’m delighted Walter invited me to the Home, and I feel really positive that Florence Nightingale Foundation and Royal Star & Garter can do something amazing for the nurses that work in the social care sector.”


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