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Mother's Day


We have the priviledge of caring for fantastic women and mothers in our Homes.


These are just a few of the messages that daughters and sons of our residents have sent to them.

My Mum always says I’m bossy, but I tell her the apple never falls far from the tree! She’s someone who gets on with things, she has a clear direction. She also cares for people. She’s volunteered for charities, worked at schools, and been a social worker assistant. She’s one of the good folk. She’s had such an extraordinary life, from her wartime service through to now. She has grandchildren and great grandchildren, nephews and nieces. She’s strong and loving, and the glue that keeps our family together.
daughter of Flo

At the age of 16, Elsie volunteered as a Cyclist Messenger in Manchester during the Blitz. Messenger work was dangerous and exhausting, cycling through the streets, carrying messages from the warden to the post centre where the news was compiled. She used to hide when she saw dead bodies and was worried when the sirens went off.


She recalls: “You used to hear shots from the artillery, then all the shrapnel would come down and you’d hear it clattering on the rooftops. Sometimes it made a spark. If your hat was dented by a piece of shrapnel you would paint the area white and wear it as a badge of honour!”


She joined the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) aged 18 and welcomed the adventure. She became a Morse code instructor, teaching at Compton Bassett. Three years later, Elsie trained as a Wireless Operator Mechanic at RAF Cranwell before being posted to Melton Mowbray where she tested the wireless equipment in the aircraft to ensure it worked before a flight.

Mum will be delighted that Spring has finally arrived. We joke in the family that she must have been born on a different planet to the rest of us as it doesn’t seem to matter how high the temperature or humidity, it is never hot enough or sticky enough for her! Happy Mother’s Day to Nanabet (as she is known to her 5 grandchildren). Have a great day and hope you and all the other residents, staff and volunteers stay safe and well.
son of Bet
Julie is a wonderful mother and has been the backbone of our family life. With many interests from rowing, dance and Tai Chi to the arts and gardening, she always encouraged her daughters to try a broad range of activities. Julie’s sense of humour has always been based around the absurd and ridiculous; as children she loved creating funny dressing up costumes for us. This usually meant we were more likely to be dressed as ducks with yellow rubber glove feet and cardboard beaks rather than pretty princesses. Julie really connects with children and adored being a grandma to her five grandsons and is now a proud great-grandmother too.
daughter of Julie