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What inspired me to run a Marathon

A marathon is not an easy challenge to undertake but for father-of-two, Anders Sagadin, The Virgin Money London Marathon will be his ninth marathon in four years.


I’ve always enjoyed sport and used to play ice hockey, tennis and golf before becoming a father-of-two. My job takes me around the world and regularly carrying golf clubs, alongside your normal carry on luggage didn’t last long. I really needed something that would be easy to keep going whilst on the move and be engaging enough to hold my attention. There was no excuse not to put running gear in my bag and that’s how it all started for me.


Be it gratifying or gruelling, unexpectedly humorous or inspirational and life altering, every marathon runner has his first marathon story. If you run a lot, you might forget the details of other races, but the first marathon lives in your mind – each and every mile. Mine was in 2011, New York City, my main goal being pull through and finish in one piece.


I’m a very competitive individual and the marathon turned out to be a great challenge, knowing that you can’t win and it is all about yourself and getting over that finish line. I have taken part in numerous sports but the marathon is another level in terms of preparation, nutrition, avoiding injuries and staying focused. The preparation is in some ways harder than the marathon itself – I’m not sure who came up with the idea!


The self-determination that formed over those first 26.2 miles back in 2011 changed me and the 2015 Virgin Money London Marathon will be my 9th Marathon. The overwhelming joy in reaching the finish line quickly turned into signing up and training for my next marathon. I remember pushing myself to the finish line in Central Park, whilst hearing three million New Yorkers cheering in the background, willing you to get to that finish line. It was an unforgettable experience and one that I won’t forget anytime soon. I told my wife at the finish line, ‘This is not my last race – it’s my first and I will be back next year’.


Since New York, I have completed seven marathons, with four of these being in 2014; Paris, Barcelona and the Berlin Marathons. Once you start there’s no going back and I’m on a journey to complete the World Marathon Majors; the New York and Berlin marathons I’ve already completed but I still need to complete, London, Boston, Chicago and Tokyo.


I used to live in London and during my time became aware of The Royal Star & Garter Homes. I have a great interest in history and appreciation for countries that helped Europe through the two world wars. A former employee of mine told me about the marathon and the opportunity to run for The Royal Star & Garter Homes. It was an easy decision to make, I will be proud to run and raise funds for such a great Charity.


See you there,


Anders Sagadin