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High Wycombe Home

The High Wycombe Home: Lori Pinkerton-Rolet

A great deal of skill, care and detail goes into creating a new Royal Star & Garter Home. Close attention is paid to making a homely environment for every resident. Lori Pinkerton-Rolet of Park Grove Design explains the thinking behind the High Wycombe interior design.


What were the inspirations behind the interior design? 


In line with the beautiful new architecture, the interior of this Home will be more contemporary. Park Grove is taking inspiration from nature to add warmth to the schemes by providing different textured finishes and lots of wood. We’ve also been working to create a wide variety of atmospheres across the Home to suit differing situations and moods.


How do you make the larger spaces seem homely? 


We break large areas into smaller ones through furniture layouts which create comfortable seating areas to encourage conversation and provide quiet personal ‘nooks’ as well as spaces for gathering with families and friends. Accessories such as cushions, artwork and warm low-level table lighting are also essential.


What are the challenges you face when designing such a range of spaces? 


We’re blessed in High Wycombe with many different types of spaces to design. We are aware that not everyone has the same tastes so by using a range of styling and colours in each space we hope there will be somewhere in which everyone can feel comfortable and at home.


What are the challenges in designing rooms for people living with dementia? 


The research related to dementia design is constantly updated so the learning never stops! Colour choices and contrasts are of critical importance, so furniture might differ strongly in colour from the walls to clarify each object, while floor colour contrasts must be minimised to allow someone living with dementia to feel the floor is safe and level. Bright colours stimulate the brain and it is important to create opportunities for interaction between people and interesting objects in their surroundings.


How do you make each bedroom feel individual? 


We are making several bedroom schemes for each floor with additional schemes for dementia care bedrooms. The room doors will be timber but coloured panels will add colour to the hallway and make finding an individual room easier. The room shapes change throughout the building so furnishing layouts and window treatments will differ.


The final word… 


The team at Park Grove Design feel honoured to be working on behalf of men, women and their partners who have committed part of their lives to the safety of others. We also very much appreciate that the Star & Garter team are committed to quality and to innovation!