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Remembering Yvette: 1918-2019

Supporting Royal Star & Garter was a family tradition for Yvette Doughty. Her mother began supporting us after Yvette’s veteran father, Fred, died in the 1930s when she was just 18 years old. She followed in her mother’s footsteps and was a loyal supporter of our work for many years. Her father Fred, a civil engineer, served in the military and was involved in building the Manchester Ship Canal, something she was immensely proud of.

Yvette Doughty

Birmingham-born Yvette died in 2019 just five weeks short of her 102nd birthday. She was a public-school bursar and worked at some prestigious schools around the country including Cheltenham Ladies College, Oakham, and Rugby.


A keen golfer and dog lover, she was very sociable with a packed diary until her final days. Her cousin Russ Williams, who himself was commissioned in the RAF, loved listening to her stories.


The Armed Forces were important to Yvette and so after taking care of her loved ones in her Will, she chose to remember causes close to her heart, including our Solihull Home. Yvette’s cousin and executor, Russ Williams, said, “She was a truly inspirational woman and fiercely independent. She was emphatic that Royal Star & Garter should get a generous bequest.”


Yvette’s gift of £5,000 is enough to fund the refurbishment of a specialist dementia kitchenette to promote independence and interest in food for our residents, and we are so grateful for her generous support.


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