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Military nurse in training

Sad news

Hello All,

I mentioned in my last post that I was experiencing some lower back pain. Well, the RAF organised an MRI scan for me in Oxford last week and unfortunately, the result came back confirming that I have sustained a Pelvic Stress Injury. This is a sports injury which is quite common amongst those undertaking military training and women are more prone than men. This situation has big consequences for my basic training and also for my nursing degree


It means that I am now back at home on sick leave for 4 weeks and then will return to RAF Halton in early September for 3-6 months’ rehabilitation before starting the basic training, all over again! It’ll also mean that I’ll miss the nursing degree starting in September this year and will instead have to wait till next year! I am feeling pretty low about the whole situation, but obviously it is important that I get better and don’t put more stress on a fracture, which would only worsen the situation.


So for the next 4 weeks I will be resting and trying to get better as quickly as possible! However, it is only day 2 of being home and I am already bored! I keep waking up at 06.00 am feeling like I need to be getting on with things, but there’s not much to be getting on with at the moment. I am going to be proactive, and start doing some reading for my degree to get ahead a little. I am also going to go back to the Royal Star & Garter Home to do some volunteering with residents. I’m quite excited about this as I have missed the Home, the residents and the staff, so it’ll be nice to get back in there – everyone at the Home as been so supportive!


Hopefully I’ll be doing enough to keep up with weekly updates on my recovery and how I’m spending my time on sick leave. Please keep reading – it’s so nice to have your support!


Best wishes,