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Remembrance Sunday at Westminster Cathedral

Hello again,

I had a great week last week! I’m feeling really positive about my progression in rehab – I’m finding it easier and easier to do the exercises. I am hoping to move onto the 2nd stage of the rehabilitation process now (there are 3 stages before getting back into training), which means I get to start running again for the first time since August!


Obviously the main part of the week was Armistice Day. On Friday 11th November all personnel at RAF Halton congregated to pay their respects. The service was very moving and it was wonderful to feel the sense of community and comradeship between us and the respect we have for those who have served in the past. I always get a bit teary eyed when the bugler plays ‘Last Post’ and Friday was no exception. I understand that the Remembrance Service held at The Royal Star & Garter’s Richmond Home was very moving and was well attended by residents, staff, volunteers and family members. I was thinking of you all and felt so proud to be associated with you.


I also volunteered to go to the service on Remembrance Sunday at Westminster Cathedral. This was a real honour to be part of a group representing the RAF and also meant I was able to wear my ‘blues’ (although not my number one uniform as I don’t have that fitted yet). I joined a group of servicemen and women from many different RAF bases. It was amazing to be out in London in my uniform and really special to be able to pay my respects to all those who have served in the past. I am hoping to be involved in The Royal Star & Garter’s ceremony next year as this would be more personal. At the end of the service we all sang the first two verses of the National Anthem, which was a little different to a normal church service, however, it was really fitting to the occasion and made me very proud to be there representing the Royal Air Force.


During the week we also had theory classes to attend, a group meeting with the Padre who spoke about using your imagination as an aid to recovery, but not to get carried away and worry. We also had a really interesting discussion with one of our corporals about what life is like on a base when we have finished our basic and trade training. It was really great to talk about it and learn about opportunities that are available once out of Halton. It was a meaningful reminder of some of the reasons I joined the RAF in the first place!


I hope everyone had a great week and were able to pay their respects on Remembrance Day in whatever way they could.


Thanks for reading,