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Our Annual Summer Fete

Our annual Summer Fetes are fantastic events where we invite everyone to come along and join the fun at the Surbiton and Solihull Homes. You can meet the residents, staff and volunteers, while enjoying all of the stalls on offer. The Surbiton Home Summer Fete is fast approaching and we’re all getting ready for the big day, excited to meet everybody and share a story or two, whilst enjoying a refreshing glass of Pimms.


Two of our volunteers, Maggie Colpus and Barbara Wells, have been assisting at Surbiton over the past year and are looking forward to the big day.


A passionate quilter and bargain hunter, Maggie Colpus, has been volunteering for the Surbiton Home since October last year. Retiring earlier that year from her position as PA at the Ski Club of Great Britain, she entered the leisurely years of retirement eager for her next life challenge. After spending time looking at other volunteering opportunities, she arrived at The Royal Star & Garter Homes – Surbiton. Maggie commented:


“Driving past the Home on the way back to mine, I saw the information relating to volunteering opportunities at the Home, and thought that I’d give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed. The Charity’s core ethos of care and putting the residents first shone through right from the start. From assisting with quizzes to helping in the craft sessions and during outings, it’s an absolute pleasure to be here.


Other volunteers have spoken about last year’s Summer Fete, so when I was asked to help at this year’s Fete, I jumped at the opportunity. I will be there selling crafts on the day. I’m looking forward to watching the raffle, to see who walks away with the quilt that I created during my spare time, hoping that it will find a good home. Hopefully I will see you at the Fete and if so, please pop along and say ‘hi!’”


Passionate baker and new grandmother, Barbara Wells (pictured above), has been volunteering for the Surbiton Home for the past 18 months and has enjoyed every moment. Barbara commented on the Home:


“After being referred to the Home by a friend I decided to have a look and I wasn’t disappointed. To say that it was ‘a breath of fresh air’ would be an understatement. The laughter and joy seemed to echo off the brightly coloured walls. I remember thinking to myself as I walked up to the reception desk, ‘what a lovely place’.


Fast forward 18 months and I have taken part in so many activities that to name them would take all day and to choose a favourite would do a disservice to the others. I thoroughly enjoy assisting Joan at the Reading Group on a Monday and hearing all the suggestions from residents in attendance. They have remarkable memories for people who have been through so much. Songs and books from their childhoods have been ingrained in their minds and are enjoyed as much today as they were then. I regularly receive requests for classics such as The Jungle Book to be read, or hear requests for songs such as The Long Road to Tipperary, and they know every word. For residents living with dementia, the music seems to awaken their memories and brings a smile to their faces.


To give up my time each week for these remarkable individuals is an absolute pleasure and the cake stall at the Summer Fete was great fun to run last year. To get the chance to meet supporters and see their interest in not only the stalls but also the residents and staff was great. It’s something that I’m looking forward to seeing this year. I will be manning the cake stall so if you have a moment please come along and say ‘hello’.


Our Surbiton Home Summer Fete will take place on Saturday 4 July, 1:003:30pm. We hope to see you there!


If you live in the Solihull area, then our annual Summer Fete will take place on Sunday 19 July, 12:004:00pm.