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My Message For My Dad

Captain Gary Anglin is a much-loved resident in our Surbiton Home. In a Father’s Day tribute, his daughter Marsha shares with us some of their special memories, her father’s difficult journey and her message to him on this special day.


I am so blessed to have a courageous, brave, compassionate, understanding Dad. A Dad that provides for his family, teaches me about humanity, how to achieve equality through determination and perseverance and how to be a decent human being.


I am so proud of my Dad and ever since I can remember till this day I feel that sense of pride when I boldly exclaim, “My Dad is a soldier.” Or “My Dad is in the army” or more recently, “My Dad is a Captain, he served for over 40 years in the British Armed Forces.” I never have and never will feel ashamed or embarrassed to make such exclamations.


Growing up in the army had mixed blessings. On one hand we had the privilege of travelling the world, especially fun when we moved as a Battalion (well it was for us kids.) But then it was extremely hard when Dad was away on exercise or tour – I often cried myself to sleep at night when he wasn’t there.  But when he returned it was the best feeling ever. I loved helping him unpack – mainly to see what ‘rations’ he had brought back – I loved the boiled sweets!


One of my fondest memories is of the preparation for the ‘Balls’ Mum and Dad would attend. There was an air of excitement in the house and the WOW! Factor when they were ready to leave – Dad ever so smart and perfectly polished and groomed with his Queen by his side…such special memories; as are those of seeing Dad on parade, especially in Sandhurst. I am so proud of Dad’s achievements and being able to attend when he received two of his Commendations is such an honour. The most recent presentation, on Friday 13 February 2015, highlights the strength, stalwartness and tenacity of my Dad. To be out of bed, talking and sharing a smile on this day is nothing short of heroism in my eyes. By this point Dad had been an inpatient since 17 November 2014; undergone two major brain surgery operations; spent time in ICU; started a recovery programme; had multiple seizures one after the other – putting him back in ICU; battled countless infections; commenced radiotherapy and was told he has an Anaplastic Astrocytoma and should not expect to live beyond a year. And if that wasn’t enough, Dad was practically paralysed on his left side with limited movement on the right; his eyesight was deteriorating and he was told that he would not be able to return home as it was not suitable for his needs. But still Dad battles on like the committed soldier that he is.


Now, as Dad enjoys the surroundings of his new home at The Royal Star & Garter Homes – Surbiton, he is secure in the knowledge that all his needs are being met by the most dedicated team of staff who exhibit their professionalism every day in caring for Dad. Dad has been embraced into ‘The Royal Star & Garter Family’ which brings immeasurable comfort as does knowing that Dad is shown the utmost respect and treated with dignity. I am blessed to have Captain Gary Wayne Anglin as my Dad.


My message for my Dad on Father’s Day is:


“I feel privileged to be by your side as you travel this journey. You are my hero, my inspiration and my shining light. Happy Father’s Day, Dad.”


My ever-increasing love,


Marsha Anglin