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How the local community is essential to helping us deliver exceptional care with passion and enthusiasm: Chelle Daly

Chelle Daly, Manager of the High Wycombe Home, blogs about her commitment to deliver care to the highest standard and the role of the local community in helping to achieve this.


I have been a nurse for over 25 years. I chose this demanding profession because delivering high-standard care to residents has always been very close to my heart. In fact, both my parents lived in nursing homes, giving me a unique opportunity to be able to see – and more importantly, to understand – both sides of the care alliance.


I am very proud of my new role as Home Manager of the High Wycombe Home. The commitment to exceptional care is what attracted me and it is a huge privilege for me to continue delivering the same high level for residents.

The opening of the new High Wycombe Home is an exciting challenge. Living nearby, I have seen it many times from the outside, growing brick by brick. But when I went inside, on my first day, I was absolutely speechless. When I saw the corridors and all the lovely spaces created for residents… I couldn’t believe how big it was!


One of the most thrilling aspects of my new role is the time I’ve shared with the amazing local community. Last month I have spent an evening with the local Sea Cadets: they made me so welcome! I was also able to see them parade and I’ve kept them informed about our future activities, and they have reciprocated inviting me to many of their events.


I am just so happy to be making positive relationships within the High Wycombe community. When I entered one of the local churches, the chaplain welcomed me, saying: “You are now one of my parishioners.” They want me to join them: it was a very intense moment, I was touched by that.

A computer-generated image of the High Wycombe Home once completed

All of these wonderful relationships will enhance the lives of residents and keep them connected to the local community. The sense of belonging is crucial for the residents we care for, and we want them to feel part not only of the veterans’ family, but of the fantastic neighbourhood they will live in.


I am really looking forward to making the Home a valuable part of this community. This is something that is really important for us. Recently we launched the ‘Who’s your hero’ competition, inviting people from Buckinghamshire and beyond to help us name the floors in our new High Wycombe Home. It is our way to celebrate local military veterans, past or present, underlying the links between residents and local community.


Finally, I am looking forward to recruiting my team and delivering the excellent care The Royal Star & Garter Homes is so famous for. I am looking for people with a strong team ethic, an outstanding passion for care but above all people who can go the extra mile to ensure our Charity can continue to deliver the best care possible. Without forgetting a good sense of humour, of course!