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Military nurse in training

Back on duty

Hello all,

First week back on base has been pretty difficult. Getting back into the 5.30am starts and the late nights, getting all the paperwork completed for my rehabilitation course and settling in with the new group I’m with. I’ve also been helping some of the girls who live upstairs in the barrack block organise their kit and revise for exams.


The new group (or, as they’re known here, ‘flight’) that I’ve joined is called McTeague and it is specially designed to be less intense and a little more flexible for those who are injured or ill. They have responsibilities as ‘Duty Chaperone’ to ensure that anyone who needs or wants someone to accompany them if they go to hospital can have some support. I was duty chaperone this week and that means that although McTeague had home leave this weekend, I had to stay on base. The barrack block was very quiet, but Mum came up to visit me on Saturday and we had a lovely day exploring small towns in the local area.


It’s my 22nd birthday on Saturday 17 September, so thankfully I have the weekend off, so I can go home and have a nice meal with the family and a long sleep in a lovely big bed with a duvet! Everyone says they miss duvets when they’re on base as we have sheets and very scratchy blankets.


I have my initial assessment on Tuesday to decide the best way for my recovery programme to be laid out. They tailor make them for each individual, which sounds really helpful!


Wish me a speedy recovery!