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Directors High Wycombe Home

The start of an exciting new journey

With our new Home in High Wycombe opening in the next few weeks, Andy Cole, our Chief Executive, talks about this crucial milestone for our charity and the residents we care for.


The opening of our High Wycombe Home marks the end of a long journey for the charity. And the start of an exciting new one.


At the turn of the century The Royal Star & Garter Homes decided it was time to move from our old Home in Richmond. 180 veterans were living with support from the charity at that time. The Home that had been state of the art in its day, but was falling behind our own high standards. Our plan was to build new Homes across the country that would not only transform the quality of care offered to veterans, but that we would also be able to support more veterans than ever before and in more locations.


As we open our third new Home, the final step of that journey is complete. We can now care for 200 veterans and their partners. We can also offer respite and day care. Our Homes have won awards for their design and wide-spread recognition for their innovation and high standards.

A section of the new library in the High Wycombe Home

Much has changed, but one thing has not. Our Homes remain much more than beautiful buildings, they are homes in the true sense of the word, full of love and life.


High Wycombe has been a personal journey too. In my first week as Chief Executive I visited the High Wycombe site. It was then just a field. Over the past three years a wonderful new building has grown out of the ground. Foundations. Frame. Cabling. Windows. Doors. Furniture. Gardens. I am very proud of what the charity has created – a Home fit for the 21st century, in the same way that our old Richmond Home was fit for the 20th.


We believe that people make a home. So as our first residents move in, the next and most important step of our journey commences. A new family of residents, staff and volunteers will create a new future together.