Connie, Jim and Nanza gave their all for us.

Listen to their stories:

Every day we give back with our loving care.

Connie, WRNS

The Armed Forces have played a massive part in Connie’s life. She served her country during WWII, lived in Singapore as an Army wife, and her son only just survived a sniper’s bullet while serving during the Falklands War.


“This small frail lady was once vibrant and strong and at the tender age of 17 was proud and happy to serve her country. I feel so happy for my Mum that through her love and loyalty for her country she has now been blessed to live at Royal Star & Garter.” – Carol, Connie’s Daughter

Jim, Navy

During Jim’s service he “chased hurricanes” and helped rebuild Caribbean communities that had been decimated by tropical storms. Later in life, he helped set up security and nursing systems at our iconic Richmond Home.


“When the High Wycombe Home became available I thought if they’d have me, it seems like a lovely place to be. And I’m really happy to be here.”

Nanza, ATS

Nanza was called up to the Army at the age of 20, in 1943. She was trained as a Wireless Operator and learned the alphabet in Morse code, helping to decipher coded German messages. She came to Royal Star & Garter for a short break but decided to move in permanently after enjoying her stay so much.


“I’ve got experience of care homes because I worked for social services, so I’ve got an idea of what a good care home should be… and this is it.” – Linda, Nanza’s Daughter

Why we need your support

We know that times are tough at the moment, but as a charity we are also facing significantly increased costs. From the vital energy we need to heat our Homes and create the nutritious meals needed for all residents, to ensuring that our amazing staff are paid fairly.


It is hard to think about helping others at a time like this, but can we ask you to join us in recognising the sacrifice our residents have made in their own lives and make a small donation to ensure our vital work continues. We must be there for veterans both now and in the future when our care will be needed more than ever.


Other ways to support:

Live with us

We are committed to delivering the best nursing and dementia care to veterans and their partners who live with disability or dementia. Our staff work hard to ensure that residents live life to the full.

Fundraise for us

Events are a great way of raising money for the veterans we care for. From climbing a mountain to organising a bakesale, it all raises valuable funds for our residents.

Work for us

We provide award-winning care for veterans and their partners. We believe each member of our team contributes to the exceptional care that our residents deserve.