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Disabled veterans’ message to astronaut Tim Peake

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100 days up there: 100 years of care!


Disabled veterans at The Royal Star & Garter Homes are celebrating Tim Peake’s 100th day in space, in the Charity’s Centenary year, by sending him a message of support via social media.


Veterans at the Surbiton Home and pupils from Southborough High School in Surbiton got together to share the residents’ memories of Neil Armstrong’s lunar walk in 1969 and to chat about Tim Peake’s current adventure.


Ernie Prior, an Army veteran of the Second World War, recalled: “It was a great moment in history! I collected all the enveloped and stamps I could and sold them for really good money later on! It was an exciting time for all and look where we are now!”


Bert Ryder, an RAF veteran, commented: “Of course, it was a very exciting time – we watched the whole event closely. I must admit I’m glad I was an RAF pilot and not an astronaut – I wouldn’t have liked to go any further up! These are brave men.”

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