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Mrs Patricia M Mahoney

25 December 1933 - 25 March 2009

Volunteer Extraordinaire

Pat first started supporting The Royal Star & Garter Home at Richmond in 1981 when her father, Capt Bill Marshall, formerly of the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, became a resident. By 1991, when Bill died, Pat had become a stalwart volunteer in the Fundraising department and continued to carry on her fundraising activities for us right up until her death in March this year.

A former Air Stewardess, Pat was a superb Hostess and used her exceptional culinary skills to provide dishes from around the world for the many “At Home”, BBQs and other “foodie” fundraising events she held on our behalf at her home in Camberley. Pat and husband John supported us all year round, helping at concerts, selling Christmas cards and other goods, as well as organising their own events. Even when she was receiving treatment for Leukaemia a few years ago, Pat never complained and continued to work tirelessly for others.

As a young woman, Pat achieved a degree in modern languages and became an Air Stewardess in the 1950’s – a highly prestigious role when international air travel was in its infancy. Pat travelled the world and her great passion and interest in her fellow man, different cultures and cuisines, not only enriched her, but also the family that followed and her many friends.

Always modest and unassuming, it was not until after her death that we learned of some of the more extraordinary experiences in Pat’s life. She would have said “Oh it was nothing” – but we were fascinated to hear that she had been personal stewardess to the Beatles when they first flew to New York and she even survived an air crash in Madrid in the 60s.

It comes as no surprise to learn that Pat’s family were overwhelmed with cards, letters and phone calls following her death and here at the Richmond Home we received a significant number of donations in her memory.

Our deepest condolences go to her family, husband John and children Kate and Sean. She will be greatly missed by everyone who knew her.