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Mr Peter A Brand

03 June 1935 - 12 December 2010

Having read many of the other memorial pages on this wonderful site, I wondered what amazing or outstanding things our dear Dad had done during the war that we could write about.

Well, the long and short of it is that our wonderful Dad didn’t find himself in a position to do amazing things during the war – he did however, like many many thousands of other men and women want to serve his country and that is exactly what he did in Malaya, with the 11th Hussars.

He would love to tell us of his stories of serving with the Gurkhas – and what amazing men they were.  Dad would tell us tales of fighting tigers in the jungle and even had a scar on his back to prove it.  Listening to Dad you could really get a sense of pride of his time in the army.

Having left the services, Dad met and married Mum, and had three children, and we all know how proud he was of us.  He had five grand children and five great grand children – all of whom he loved unconditionally – children Dad would say are the spice of life – and what life was all about.

Dad was a roofer – and I have never seen a man not afraid of heights – he loved his work and the people he worked with even more – his best mate Fran – who he would spend endless hours joking with.  That was Dad, a larger than life character who loved a laugh and a joke.

The 12th of December 2013 will be the third anniversary of Dad’s passing – we all miss him so much.

So with that, a short but hopefully sweet memorial – our wonderful Dad has left behind an enormous gap in all our lives.

We love you and miss you Dad.

~ Debbie