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Mr Leslie Frederick Woolford

5 February 2018

Mr Leslie Woolford served in the Royal Signals Regiment in the Second World War, spending time in Europe and Singapore before returning home safely to his wife Margaret.  They celebrated their 74th Wedding Anniversary before Margaret died last year and Leslie continued to live independently to the age of 97.  He was a supporter of The Royal Star & Garter Homes for many years and generously chose to remember the Charity in his Will, as a way of supporting those who had been less fortunate.



As age creeps on, and year by year you see  your face grow lined

Do not grumble and complain, but try to keep in mind

Those who did not have a chance of growing old like you,

Who never reached the prime of life or saw their dreams come true.


Do not resent the aches and pains that time leaves in its wake

That’s the penalty of old age, the payment we must make

Having lived our allotted span, if extra time there should be

Thank God for every passing day, and live it gracefully