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Mr George Packer

09 October 1921 - 07 March 2015

So much to say about my dad. He was always there for the family and would rather go without than see his wife, son or grandson in need of anything. When my mom passed away in 2000 he decided to make the first of many trips to the USA. He asked me what he needed to do when he arrived in Chicago and I told him “just as at any other airport”. He explained that the only other time that he had been on a plane he “parachuted” out and we had a good laugh about that. We were so lucky to have him with us for such a long life-time (92). His last 5 years were spent in the RSG Solihull and they were marvellous. Thank you to everyone that made the extra effort to pop in and see him so often. I will add more at a later date. I love you dad.

~ Graham Packer