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Donald F Colbourn

18 October 1923 - 21 November 2017

Don landed on Gold Beach, Normandy on D-Day+1, June 7th, 1944, driving a Sherman Firefly tank as part of the 8th Armoured Brigade, in the 24th Lancers regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps, in the second wave of the Operation Overlord supporting the 50th Infantry Division.

By the second half of July, the 24th Lancers had sustained such losses that the unit was disbanded and Don was reassigned to the Royal Scots Greys. After breaking out of Normandy after the battle of the Falaise gap in August 1944 Don advanced with the Scots Greys by way of Paris to the Low Countries and via Arnhem into Germany to be at the German surrender with Monty on Luneburg Heath in 1945.

~ Barbara Colbourn